A newsletter about golf, but written by the drunk people who followed Happy Gilmore around. Golf news, bets, exclusive discounts, humor and more.

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Paul O.

Boston, MA

"Dudes, sick write up today. Loved the part about acid golf.Golf is truly in an incredible place right now."

Andrew S.

Somewhere in New Jersey

"The first week I signed up, you guys picked the winner of the AT&T Byron Nelson and won me money. Good enough for me to stick around."

Sean W.

Philadelphia, PA

"I love this newsletter - especially the Saturday morning edition with a cup of joe (and maybe a little hair of the dog that bit me)."

Anonymous Wife

Venice Beach, CA

“I signed my husband up so he wouldn’t talk to me about golf anymore.”

Matt Cannon


"I just caught the golf bug. Yet to break 100 but love the game and love this newsletter. Shanks are my people."